Alan Harris & Robert Nutt

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LogoAlan Harris & Robert Nutt – HEART Reiki Training

HEART (Healing Energies and Reiki Training) is a training school based in Shropshire; established by Reiki Masters Alan Harris and Robert Nutt.  They aim to promote spiritual growth and development through the teaching of a range of energy healing systems and practices.   In addition to traditional Reiki practice they are also introducing to the show CHAKRASCENSION, an Energy Therapy which works on the human energy system by activating and balancing its seven main chakras or energy centres located along the spine and in the head.  The system was channelled under the direction of the Ascended Masters.

Saturday 27th May Workshop Room 1 – PINK –  3:00pm
All about Reiki with heart training working with ascended masters with Alan Harris & Robert Nutt

Sunday 28th May  Workshop Room 1 – PINK – Sunday  10:15am Opening Meditation With The Masters  With Alan Harris & Robert Nutt

Sunday 28th May  Workshop Room 1 – PINK- 4:00pm – Chakrascension With Ascended Masters Energy That Will Change Your life With Alan Harris & Robert Nutt

Crewe – 27th/28th May 2017