Bethany White

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Bethany WhitePSYCHIC MEDIUM             TAROT               PENDULUM WORK


My name is Bethany White. I was born with my spiritual gift and can go back to the age of three. I have performed readings for influential people all over this country.

I enjoy my work and it gives me great pleasure to give comfort and support to people who have loved and lost.

I find my work as a rescue medium very rewarding. Again I have had many experiences and they have taken me to some unusual places.

I am a Clairsaintiant, I see and hear the spirit. I work with tarot cards and also the pendulum. I am also able to do Psychometry working with jewellery and various objects and finally I send lost and trapped spirits home.

I am available for private work, parties, telephone readings and other functions.

If you would like to pre – book an appointment please telephone

Rosemary on 07828 187 468