Christopher Gilmore

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Christopher GilmoreProperty Of Christopher Gilmore / Presentation By Christopher Gilmore  Actor/ Author/ Souleducator. Tel: 07837971408  Author of:
  • THE MUSHROOM MEN – 20 Imperfect Peace Poems 1914-1918
  • SOUL-CENTRED EDUCATION (Third Edition) ISBN 9781849144315 and
  • Free Schools??? – That’s the Spirit! (Pegasus/Vanguard Press ISBN 9781843868965)

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Workshops At Northwich  

Saturday 28th July Workshop 12:30pm – Get ready For Death As A Swing Door An absolutely Fascinating Subject Its Going To Be Such an Interesting Debate. We Have All Got Our Own Unique Stories, That We May Want To Share

Sunday 30th July  Workshop  12:30pm –  “Heaven is full of laughter!” These gleeful words were said in a dream to the author. More About ALIVE-ALIVE-O! or How to die laughing and survive! 

Northwich – 29th /30th July 2017  Co-Founder

FREE SCHOOLS??? – That’s the Spirit! (Pegasus/Vanguard Press Kindle  ISBN – 9781843868965)

THE MUSHROOM MEN– 20 Imperfect Peace Poems We died in the Great War – 1914-1918

TELLING TALES Talking Book of Family Fables
ISBN 978-1-84914-497-1

SOUL-CENTRED EDUCATION (Third Edition) ISBN 9781849144315 


Robin Books – New age Novel Faction
ISBN 1904843328

BRIGHT EYES AND BUBBLES – Talking Book of Family Fables
Available through Amazon & Kindle!