Christopher Gilmore

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Christopher GilmoreProperty Of Christopher Gilmore / Presentation By Christopher Gilmore  Actor/ Author/ Souleducator. Tel: 07837971408  Author of:
  • THE MUSHROOM MEN – 20 Imperfect Peace Poems 1914-1918
  • SOUL-CENTRED EDUCATION (Third Edition) ISBN 9781849144315 and
  • Free Schools??? – That’s the Spirit! (Pegasus/Vanguard Press ISBN 9781843868965)

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Workshops At Alderley Edge 

Saturday 3:30pm Making A Better ME With Mining Me A Self Revealing Survey 

Sunday 1:30pm Death as a swing door, most interesting subject so many experiences to enhance one’s exit?
With Local Author / Thespian  & Souleducator 

Alderley Edge – 24th & 25th November 2018  Co-Founder

FREE SCHOOLS??? – That’s the Spirit! (Pegasus/Vanguard Press Kindle  ISBN – 9781843868965)

THE MUSHROOM MEN– 20 Imperfect Peace Poems We died in the Great War – 1914-1918

TELLING TALES Talking Book of Family Fables
ISBN 978-1-84914-497-1

SOUL-CENTRED EDUCATION (Third Edition) ISBN 9781849144315 


Robin Books – New age Novel Faction
ISBN 1904843328

BRIGHT EYES AND BUBBLES – Talking Book of Family Fables
Available through Amazon & Kindle!