Clive Howells

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Clive howells Tai Chi - CopyChen style Taijiquan (tai chi) with over 400 years of family history of this form being taught, handed down from father to son through the generations.

Current Masters are the 19th generation of teachers. Promoting Taiji throughout China and now the world.

The school website is on chenjiagoutaijiquanGB listing branches of the school and instructors.

I have practiced Taiji for 30 years and am a graded 3rd Duan instructor, graded by the wushu association.

My classes are Wednesday evenings at Ministry of Yoga, Crewe and Thursday evenings In Methodist Church Hall, Nantwich.

NEW DESIGNATED TAI CHI  – YOGA AREA & Extra Talks Workshops In The Main Hall

10:30am- The Chen Style Tai Chi Demonstration Clive Howell (Both Days )

Nantwich Stage Demonstration Main Hall
Both Days 12:30pm –  Enjoy Observing This  Graceful Uplifting Movement The Chen Style Tai Chi
Workshop – Saturday  3:15pm You’re Welcome To Join In Or Observe
Workshop – Sunday    2:45pm You’re Welcome To Join In Or Observe