Crystal Bed With Irma Ziolkowska

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Crystal BedCrystal Light Healing Bed + Healing From John of God 

Experienced Casa de Dom Inacio medium, Reiki Master brings unique Crystal Light Healing Bed to Greater Manchester for the first time.  Previously this technique was only available to those able to travel to South America, but now this therapy can be experienced here in Manchester.  This is one of only a handful Healing Beds in the country & the only three based in the North of England.

This gentle non-invasive technique combines natural healing frequencies with Seven (7) specially cut quartz crystals aligned over each chakra, from the world famous healing centre, the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil (John of God). The pulsating light restores the correct vibration in the body’s cell and organs which allows other aspect of ourself, whether mental, emotional or physical, to be brought into balance. The Crystals know what you need and thus each treatment is unique. Many have reported amazing results including:

Feeling more energized , Feeling a deep relaxation, More at peace with themselves,

Less stressed and an increased sense of overall well-being, A deep spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations

Gaining insights into their future life path, Gaining insights of the cause of disease states

Receiving guidance as how to best deal with their disease or problem Time allow 20min   Cost: Special Fair Price £25 (Normally £40) Home Visits available minimum 5 persons  Tel 07941142994

Workshop Time TBC – Talk Crystal Bed Healing & Healing With John of God With Irma Ziolkowska