Leigh Rebekha

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Leigh Rebekha  – “Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer”

Helping You Find Your Inner Peace
As a psychic medium I use my spirit guides to connect with passed loved ones to give messages to those left behind. I am also very passionate about the use of psychometry and I am able to get a lot of spiritual information from a mundane everyday object such as a ring, necklace or even car keys, by picking up the energies within that item.

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My tarot card reading with Leigh was excellent. She asked to hold a personal itemto help her connect with spirit and I gave her a ring which she held throughout. As I was shuffling the cards she gave me a very clear message from spirit. The message turned out to be very important and if I hadn’t acted upon it, I fear the situation that spirit eluded to would have been much worse. The reading was accurate and validated and I would not hesitate to have a reading from Leigh in the future.


Saturday – Workshop Spiritual Connections 11:30am

Northwich – 29th /30th July 2017