I will carefully create and weave together evocative Songs and enchanting Spoken word, to take the listener on an empowering, healing journey toward an expanded state of consciousness and a deeper connection to All that Is… Food for the Soul, from my heart to yours!
It is my loving intention to encourage us to remember our passions and our dreams and rediscover the beauty and the power which lies within each and every one of us…. for we are all sparks from the same Divine Flame.
So share in this unity and ignite your spark.


Also We Are Delighted to Mention Caroline Checkett Will Be Joining Us From  Magnetix Wellness jewellery & accessories for ladies , gents and your pets !

Caroline has a wealth of knowledge about these products, she is passionate about them and there authenticity and would beable to answer any questions you have in this area.
So if your interested in having a browse or purchase on your arrival or in the break etc feel free.
The beautiful jewellery collection comes from Germany and is made from Stainless steel .

Every piece contains a magnet and some pieces have copper too . The power of magnets.….
Magnetism is an ever present force that affects everything , everywhere including mankind, animals and the plant world.
Not all magnets are the same. Our jewellery and accessories are fitted with particularly durable neodymium magnets,which are amongst the strongest magnets in the world
Copper Is especially prized for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.The use and wearing of magnets & copper is nothing new. Their influence was recognised extremely early in human history, and their therapeutic properties were used for healing purposes.

Pre Christian civilisations , such as the Chinese and hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt and Aristotle’s records document magnetic healing procedures.

It is not only for aches and pains. Once you wear a magnet you become grounded and balanced and in line with the earths magnetic fields .
This can help with many things – joint pain, arthritis, migraines, breathing, sleeping and in general our well – being !.

So not only does the jewellery collection look fantastic it does you good too !

The schedule is below but because of the nature of the evening could change slightly, however like last year when we did it , it will be a fantastic event everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.