Zari Love Crystal Bed Healing

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Zari Love – is an energy worker, therapist and teacher, and founder of Zarilove wellness brand.
Zari works as a guide at the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil (the healing hospital of John Of God). At the 

event she is offering Crystal Light Bed sessions (with the John of God system) and is selling blessed and charged crystals from John Of God. Zari also runs yearly healing retreats to Brazil. 

Zari has been in the healing field for over 12 years and is working with groups and individuals across the globe in healing therapies, retreats, workshops and trainings. Her work is within the fields of creative, women’s sensual discovery processes, sexual healing, energy healing meditation, Kundalini, Reiki training, Hypnotherapy, Trauma therapy and Qi gong.

These crystals pendants are designed and handmade in Abadiania home of John of God’s healing centre. They are all blessed by John of God, cleansed in the sacred waterfall at his centre and charged in the energy currents of his healing rooms in the Casa De Dom Inacio for 4 hours where the healing work happen.
Zari is a guide at John of God centre in Brazil, she works each year with Casa approved jewellers to select the best stones and bring these sacred crystals to assist other people with peace, purpose, healing and protection.