Alderley Edge – 23rd & 24th November 2019

Kiran Essene – Workshop Both Days – Spiritual Sharing Circle 
( This Workshop Needs To be Pre – Booked Time TBC )
This is a spiritual sharing circle for people who are undergoing spiritual awakening or are interested in exploring their spirituality. The very nature of spirituality invites each one of us to take a deep look within ourselves. It is a place to connect with others on a spiritual level. It is a group session where you can share about your spiritual journeys, what you find inspiring, enjoyable, or what you find challenging. It is a place to meet similar individuals, thus providing support to all of you who are finding your spiritual path challenging or just wanting to share the wonderful experiences that you are witnessing, manifesting. it is also a place to share or celebrate your awakening journey’s. 

Here I will share with you spiritual, esoteric, psychological, energetic/quantum physics, emotional and physical information, techniques and tools which will help and support you to become your authentic self and advance you along your spiritual path. It is a life transforming and enhancing, group experience.