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Alfred HeathAlfred Heath is a certified Quantum Entrainment® Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts. Quantum Entrainment (QE™) is an easy-to-learn, reliable Self-awareness technique that effortlessly promotes rapid emotional and physical healing.

Alfred began his journey as a healing practitioner and spiritual seeker in 1989 while coming to
terms with a series of mystical and spiritual experiences guiding him toward a different way of
living. In addition to energy healing, psychology, and neuroscience, Alfred explored worldwide
paths of spirituality, shamanism, and mysticism, finding common threads running through all of
these traditions. He developed new methods by distilling the essence of what he experienced and
learned into simplified processes for healing and enlightenment.

In mid-2009, Alfred stumbled upon the work of Dr. Frank Kinslow and his Quantum
Entrainment method, recognizing in it a unifying theory refined into a simple and practical
method effective for stimulating both healing and enlightenment. In 2010, Alfred earned
practitioner certification in this new method, and in early 2011 his status was elevated to

In addition to professional QE™ sessions, Alfred leads an on line practice group, gives introductory presentations to the public, mentors candidate practitioners, and serves as global moderator on the official Quantum Entrainment discussion forum.

Workshop 2pm Both Days At Nantwich Civic Hall
Quantum Entrainment® Introductory Presentation

In this introduction to Quantum Entrainment you will be able to personally explore the wonders of how Quantum Entrainment works. Quantum Entrainment is the rapid healing process that is changing lives around the world.  Alfred Heath, the UK’s only certified facilitator or practitioner of Quantum Entrainment, will explore with you the simple yet profound principles that have made QE a global phenomenon.  Alfred clearly illustrates these principles with exercises that you can do at home with immediate results.  This presentation is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to understand how a simple, easy to learn process can create rapid healing and harmony in your body and mind, your everyday life, and even in your pets.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • What is Quantum Entrainment
  • The Material Model
  • The Mental Model
  • QE Demonstration
  • Exercises: Finger on Forehead
  • Growing Finger
  • Stopping Thought

Please visit Alfred’s website for more information about QE and his other services.

Nantwich – 29th/30th October 2016