Andrea Joy

Posted on February 1, 2015 in Demonstrations, Nantwich, Workshops | Comments Off on Andrea Joy

Andrea JoyThe March 2015 full moon is no exception with its strong influence ​

So ​join Andrea Joy invites you to join herself and the moon in a meditative honouring of this months potent fullness.

After a moment of full moon illumination two years ago Andrea decided that it was time to conciously draw down mother moon energy and thereafter the full and new moon meditations were born into the public domain.

Since then Andrea has delivered moon wisdom to many people who have felt pulled into this beautiful luminary’s power.

The March 2015 full moon is no exception with its powerful influence on our indiviual and mass conciousness.

Allow Andrea to guide you through a deep meditation into the heart of the moon, a thought provoking step into the NOW of the moons message for you.

Feel this full moon literally illuminate your spirit and journey into the month ahead.

Andrea Joy.X