Cathy Knowles

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Meet Cathy Knowles
Has been a Holistic Therapist since 2006.
Also Cathy is a Trainer in The Balance Procedure (TBP) since 2010.
and will be doing a workshop both days on this subject.
Following training at The Christie Hospital and elsewhere Cathy specialises in Reflex Lymph Drainage to ease symptoms of lymphoedema, Limbic Reflexology for ME & Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression and has many years of experience working with cancer patients and their families.
Through teaching TBP Cathy has witnessed amazing transformations in client’s lives as they move towards conscious awareness.
A typical treatment with Cathy would incorporate reflexology, Reiki, essential oils and TBP.
Contact @BalanceMyBody on FB or Instagram or call 07780 604241
Workshop Room 3 – Sat 2nd  Sun 3rd September 2023
10:15am- 10:40am: (Both Days) Join Enabling You To Transform Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs Immediately With The Balance Procedure. So Positive Change is Possible It’s On The Horizon For You , Introducing You To  7 Easy Steps, Restoring, Balance, Happiness, And Magic In Your Life. Cathy Also Facilitates Workshops Outside This Environment On This Subject She Is Very Passionate About It .

Stockport Masonic Guildhall – 2nd/3rd September 2023