David Adelman

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David Adelman – About the author

A ‘glittering’ school and university record led the author to qualify as a lawyer. It also left him shattered and empty inside with a diagnosis aged 23 of a potentially lifelong disease. He quit the legal profession still only 27 and set about re-defining his life. After several years teaching English in Spain, he returned to the UK to embark upon teaching the card game bridge, a lifelong passion. Funding was awarded to him to take a simplified version of bridge to schools all over England. His experiences in schools revealed the full extent of the dysfunction in the system and how traumatising and brutalising it can be to too many children. Above all, it laid bare how controlled we all are and how the system suppresses individual growth. In short, it was a personal wake-up call.

Decades after his own schooling, he is finally happy and healthy, working creatively as a writer, researcher, educator and speaker; a passion for lifelong learning finally restored. His mission is now to help restore clarity and sanity to others, so that more children and adults can see a way forward to fulfil their own true potential.

 About the book ‘School – No Place for Children’

Are you living the life of your dreams? Does learning a new skill or making new friends come easily or do you find challenges like these traumatic? Is most of your time your own or are you stuck in some kind of work-life imbalance? Do you feel deep down that your schooling has held you back?

Do you now have children or grandchildren who are chronically unhappy at school?

Did you know that schoolteachers are quitting the profession in alarming numbers, many not even completing their professional training?

Do you realise that school is not even compulsory, at least not in the UK?

This book is a dynamic, living document full of testimonies from pupils and teachers past and present bearing witness to the toxic effects of the modern schooling system. Some even say that they feel scarred for life. It also uncovers the dark global agenda that lies behind abusive schooling methods and explores the more child-friendly alternatives that could save us all from the insanity of a system that is broken and rotten to its core.

It will give clarity and encouragement to those who may be wondering what happened to their innate gifts, talents and passions. Above all, it is a stark wake-up call for parents who know in their heart that school is not the best place for their child.

Talk Full Details Time 1:45pm Both Days 

Are you living the life of your dreams? Does learning a new skill or making new friends come easily? Do you have unresolved fears and phobias? Have you ever considered that your schooling may have either caused or aggravated any problems you may be having asserting your own power or desires?

This brief talk will help you connect the dots and raise some big questions about how we raise our children and organise our world.

It will also take a dive into how the book came to be written and why it had to be written. David will reveal how his life purpose is very much tied in to the writing of this book and how he can now look forward to a much more fulfilling future now that he is speaking his truths. His aim is to provide an alternative perspective that some may find deeply unsettling but others profoundly liberating. The choice is yours. www.facebook.com/schoolnoplace/ 

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Stockport – 2nd & 3rd February 2019