David James Lees

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David James LeesDavid James Lees

Wu Wei Wisdom: The Ancient Spiritual Solution for Happy & Healthy Modern Times

Find your ‘Wu Wei’ flow in life and experience a profound spiritual awakening with Taoist Master and pioneering spiritual coach, David James Lees.

Ordained in the sacred Wudang Mountains of China, David is one of only a handful of Taoist Masters in the West. David’s unique Wu Wei Wisdom demystifies the 5,000 year old Chinese philosophy and spiritual teachings that form the foundation of ALL modern day self-help guidance, including the ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘self-love’, ‘positive affirmations’and ‘Inner-Child’ work.

As a fully qualified and internationally respected Chinese medicine doctor, Qigong Master and spiritual teacher, David’s message uniquely blends ancient Eastern wisdom and healing arts with proven 21st Century Western personal-development and complementary therapy techniques.

Today David will share his revolutionary spiritual solution that will powerfully shift your consciousness and your life!

You’ll discover:

  • Why challenging life situations are ‘spiritual lessons’ and how they be used to transform your health, happiness and vitality;
  • Why stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks are actually a ‘blessing’ that can help you re-connect you to your divine truth and potential;
  • Why sensitive, creative and determined people are more likely to suffer from emotional issues and how to make these fabulous personal qualities work for you;
  • Why your Ego, Yang-Mind and Inner-Child should be listened to and loved, and how to mindfully balance and harmonise the Yin and Yang of your spiritual energy and Qi/Chi.

Every workshop with David is dynamic and unique. He’ll be inviting volunteers from the audience to ask questions and share their life experiences, issues and dilemmas so he can offer his practical spiritual insight, guidance, coaching and support.

David has over 35 years’ experience of working face-to-face with clients and groups of individuals from all over the world. Described as the ‘British Wayne Dyer’, David’s down-to-earth, honest, passionate and playful style has made him a sought after inspirational speaker, with guest appearances on BBC Radio.

His first book will be published this year to complement his popular Wu Wei Wisdom audio teachings and meditations.

Websites: http://www.DavidJamesLees.com  /   http://www.PeakHousePractice.com