Debbie McIntee

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Debbie Mc (2)Debbie Mc (4)Debbie McIntee – Soulful Creations

What my art offers is space, a little breathing room for the spirit.

It is a reflection of my soul that appears in my work, not quite seeing the whole picture yet curious as to what you are not seeing, some areas are smooth and others rough… life’s like that don’t you think?

Created from the heart my art brings a visualisation of those who I believe are always with us.

Whether you have any faith, spiritual, religious or otherwise I believe my art should move you or reach out and touch your soul in some way, how I cannot predict, as we all see art through very different eyes.

I hope you feel it somehow.

Most of all it should bring a smile to your face.

Commission’s welcome.

Tel 01268 545614 / 07725567255


Debbie Mc (3) Debbie Mc (5) Debbie Mc (6)