Eleanor Barker Witch’s Heart

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Meet Eleanor Barker from The Witch’s Heart

Established in 2015, we are a small family run witchcraft store.

Based in the UK we have a deep passion for high quality, useful and reasonably priced witchcraft pieces.

This business has truly been a heart and soul project for me, a practicing witch of 13 years I wanted so badly to find handmade pieces and tools at an affordable price, so I began to make my own before opening up the store. During my days at university, I built a website, managed the social media accounts and pushed myself so hard to ahieve my goals of running a successful witchcraft shop and today, with everyones support, we have come such a long way towards achieving that goal.

Alongside the store we run a monthly mystery box and other surprise goodies for a few lucky people each month, filled with handmade pieces by myself and other british crafters surrounding a monthly magickal theme.

Talk Saturday The Belmont Suite 12:30pm 

“Hoodoo Myth and Magick: A look into the American folk magick Hoodoo, it’s misconceptions and magickal practice”.