Emma Gibson

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Emma Gibson

Emma Gibson – Chakradance Workshop Provider

Chakradance is a healing, meditative dance practice for the body, mind and soul.

We dance barefoot in a room lit only by candle light, with eyes closed or gaze lowered, allowing the music and the guided visualisation to guide us into an inner journey to our true, authentic self.

There are no set steps, no restrictions, this is pure, free-form, expressive dance for your soul!

Emma Gibson Logo 1Leave your worries, with your shoes, at the door and surrender into a dynamic dance journey through your chakra system. From tribal, sensual, exhilarating, to trance-like and ethereal – explore, express and awaken every part of your being!

Following the dance we continue our exploration further with a creative exercise based on mandala art.

This is an opportunity to create a visual expression of the energy and emotion encountered on your Chakradance journey and serves as a meditation tool that enables further reflection and insight to emerge from the experience so that the healing continues long after the dance has finished.