Emma Pickering

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Alderley Edge, Therapies | Comments Off on Emma Pickering

Emma PickeringEmma Pickering (BAHons, CBP, Beauty and Holistic Practitioner)

Lakshmi Beauty and Holistic Therapies

I will be offering taster sessions of BodyTalk with support from other BodyTalkers explaining and introducing this young and exciting modality.

I have worked with holistic/alternative/energy therapies for many years now, my back ground being beauty and massage with over 15yrs experience in this.

BodyTalk is a WholeHealth care system.  It looks at the entire body – emotional, physical and environmental aspects that make you who you are!

In BodyTalk the whole of you including all of your story is important not just individual symptoms that manifest.

What makes this modality different is that BodyTalk works with your body’s priority needs that contribute to an unhappy body/mind.

These are then addressed using non invasive, relaxing, and simple techniques.

The overall outcome is a body/mind that communicates more efficiently and affectively with itself and its’ environment.

BodyTalk empowers the body to use its own healing ability to address imbalances and dis-ease caused by stresses and strains of life.