Helen Wilson

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Helen Wilson (3)Helen Wilson
Helen is a folk singer songwriter from Knutsford Cheshire. With a history in the business as a backing vocalist, she decided to finally debut her own songs in 2014.

With an eclectic mix of beautiful folk songs with a spiritually uplifting message.

Helen is becoming a much sought after live artist at local festivals and gatherings..

Helen performs live, both solo with a guitar, and occasionally with a larger live band.

All of her songs are original and are written by Helen.

Visit https://soundcloud.com/helenwilsonsongs to hear Helens songs.

The songs share a message of Peace, Love and a wish for humanity to resolve our differences and to care for our beautiful Mother Earth.

Helen looks forward to sharing her songs with you. xxx

Helen Wilson (1) Helen Wilson (2)

Saturday 30st July On Stage 12:30pm – Helen Wilson  Soothing Sounds / Singer Songwriter followed by workshop
Release the fear, unlock your potential with Helen Wilson So many People have asked how I have the courage to stand on a stage and sing. It truly has been quite a journey and it became apparent after talking to people on a one to one basis that the story of the journey has the capacity to assist others. It is this story that I would like to share with you. I view the channeled songs as Gifts from the Divine, a co creation,myself as the conduit and each of the songs has a very clear message for humanity.
They are aimed at opening the heart to the possibility and the Love that resides within you and I truly hope that you leave with a lighter heart and a sense of possibility.

On Stage Area Sunday 31st July 

  • 1:30pm – Helen Wilson  Soothing Sounds / Singer Songwriter