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The Professional Holistic Massage Mitts

Nowadays we are all more aware and understand the benefits of good postural habits, we seek manual therapies including massage treatments when required, we try and increase our movement activities and endeavour to take regular exercise. BUT still work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in our upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness to our lower backs. 
The aim of the professional massage mitts is to provide an alternative way to reduce our musculoskeletal symptoms with improved sustainable outcomes. They are to be used for gentle self-massage or as an aid for professionals to enhance more complex manual therapy procedures.
Use the Mitts regularly to gently massage areas of tight restricted movement and localised areas of aches and pains that accumulate around the body affected by musculoskeletal dysfunction. Your symptoms will ease and you will be helping yourself to support your overall health. 
We know there are many benefits from massage to ease tense, fatigued, painful muscles and repetitive strain conditions. Use the mitts to stimulate the body’s own physiological responses to enhance repair, promote healing, remodel tissue, reduce swelling and decrease associated strain that cause dysfunction. https://holisticmitt.com/holistic-mitts

Massage with the Mitts:

– Provides an effective and comfortable massage by reducing connective tissue densities faster and easier.
– Provides massage supports for sore aching muscles.
– Reduces recovery time and fatigue after exercise.
– Promotes healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses.
– Increases sensory feedback.
– Relieve tension within the fascial system, stimulate blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage.
– Reduce localised areas of pain from tight fascia, scar tissue and adhesions.
– Increases active range of movements with improved tissue elasticity.
– Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and texture.
– Can be used to self-treat common musculoskeletal conditions.
You can gain significant health benefits from regular massage to assist with healing or relaxation. https://holisticmitt.com/holistic-mitts

The benefits of massage with the Holistic Mitts

Body massage can help your muscles relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body. A massage with the mitts is an excellent way of relieving tension and tiredness allowing the body to relax and enhance the body’s own recovery process. 
Recent studies investigate the role of the ‘fascial system’ in musculoskeletal pain and restricted movement patterns. The general aches and pains we experience on a daily basis could be because of this fascial dysfunction, also described as ‘altered soft tissue configurations’ within the fascial system. These altered patterns will also disrupt localised cellular and metabolic activity that contribute to pain and reduced mobility. 
Remember that symptoms other than from obvious injuries and minor pathologies need professional advice and should be seen by a general practitioner. 
The massage mitts provide self-help for minor musculoskeletal pain, swelling and restricted movement.https://holisticmitt.com/holistic-mitts

Why Massage

There are multiple research studies that cite ‘hands on therapies’ which often describe the benefits of manual therapies by the stimulation of the fascial, circulatory and the lymphatic systems within the body. 
Massage with the Mitts will increase the physiological responses initiated by stimulating the soft tissue where you are massaging and turning the stimuli into biochemical and neurophysiological responses to improve our well-being and help restore function. 
It will increase localised metabolic and cellular activity in the extra cellular matrix that has been disrupted from the tight fascia and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. This will consequently aid to increase functional movement patterns, increase tissue oxygenation and the body’s own healing responses.
While you are massaging with the mitts on your hands, even after just a couple of minutes you will feel instant changes to the quality of the tissue in the area that has been massaged, you will experience the tissue relaxing. The body reacts to the nodules on the mitts that oscillate over the skin and superficial fascia to change tissue tone. Then the body increases its own physiological response to the mechanical stimuli of the mitts and converts it into biochemical and neurophysiological responses.
Massage with the mitts will help reset tension patterns in the body from trauma, repetitive movements, or help soften tight muscles from fixed repetitive positioning patterns of work, sports or from poor postural habits. 
The basic elements of massage include – gentle stroking movements over the body that often incorporates combinations of other techniques involving stretching, compression and mobilising the skin and superficial fascia. Treatment with the massage mitts on is more comfortable, effective and longer lasting than treatments with your hands alone.
You can use the mitts with a variation of pressure, duration and direction to initiate a response to the surface of the skin. The massage provides brief mechanical stretch affecting the skin, soft tissue, sub dermal structures and deeper fascia. It will improve local tissue function and reduce adhesions through the increased energy exchange and tissue oxygenation.

All Areas for the body can be gentle massaged

• Face, head and neck
• Upper back neck and shoulders
• Lower back, hips and thighs
• Stomach
• Lower limbs, knees, ankles and feet
• All joints
• Healed scar tissue and adhesions


At UCLan University in Preston (2017) University of Central Lancashire – UK. Research is on-going to prove that the massage with the Mitts is better than hands alone. During massage the therapeutic loading of the skin and soft tissue will influence hyaluronic acid production and modify the intercellular matrix tissue – ground substance, therefore alter soft tissue viscosity, stiffness and enhance cellular and tissue movement.
The main benefits of massage result from stimulating various receptors, whether the movements are fast, slow, light or deep touch. Other reflex patterns are stimulated by different durations and levels of intensity of touch and movement. 
Massage with the mitts will increase stimulation of various receptors and physiological responses within the body. The whole hand can be used to complement the contours of the body improving the massage experience. Massage stroke maybe; fast, slow, light or deep and vary in duration, direction and intensity depending on the required effect. The massage can be relaxing or stimulating. Cross-fibre and circular movements can also help with the healing process by increasing blood flow, tissue oxygenation and lymphatic circulation by clearing harmful metabolic by-products which is vital in maintaining full pain-free range of movement.
Massage with the mitts will help reset altered tension patterns that accumulate in the body after trauma, repetitive movements from poor work, sport and postural habits. They are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries.

Design Features of the massage mitt as a therapeutic massage tool

•Surface nodules of various dimensions 
•Made with medical grade silicone.
•Integral support to protect the user from repetitive strain injuries and 
overuse of their wrist, hand and fingers joints.

How to use the Massage Mitt

• In the shower and bath with shower gel
• General massage with non-silicone based carrier oils
• Application of non-silicone based body creams and lotions
• In the sauna or steam room
• Dry for body brushing

Most massages are usually performed by using a massage oil or lotion.

Before putting the mitts on, cover the area of the body that is to be massage with the oil or lotion. Your hands will then slide easily into the mitts as they will also be covered with the product you choose to use.
N.B. Please note that the massage mitts must not be used with other silicone based products.

Massage techniques

Usually when deeper massage techniques and pressure are applied during massage treatments the individual may experience discomfort. Massaging with the massage mitts is a more comfortable experience; the results are more effective and longer lasting.

You will be surprised of how deeper the slow gentle movements with the massage mitts can penetrate deep into the fascial system.
Even after just a few strokes of massage you will feel how quickly the muscles and fascial tension will relax, and circulation will improve.
You can gentle massage tender areas around joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments to reduce pain levels and increase flexibility to enhance function and reduce muscle fatigue preparing you for optimal performance.
The whole hand can be used to complement the contours of the body improving the massage experience. Massage stroke maybe; fast, slow, light or deep and vary in duration, direction and intensity depending on the required effect. The massage can be relaxing or stimulating. 
Cross-fibre and circular movements can also help with the healing process by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation and by clearing harmful metabolic by-products which is vital in maintaining full pain-free range of movement.


The human body was designed to move and stiffness will build up quickly in our body if we sit down for long periods of time. This lack of movement causes issues, particularly when we have heightened levels of stress. 
Work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in your upper back, neck and shoulders. Having a massage treatment is an enjoyable experience but it is also a necessity with the stressful lives we live in a modern society. 
It is not always convenient or possible to get an appointment with a massage, osteopath or physiotherapist when we need one. Most of us are guilty of ‘putting things off’, procrastinating when we take into account our health. 
You can use the mitts in the shower, with body lotion or with oils to rub away the tension of the day, or to treat minor musculoskeletal injuries before they evolve into a more chronic condition.