Jackie Townsend

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Jackie Townsend – Leomoon Astrologer


Astrology is the study of the correlation between the positions of the planets (including the sun and moon) in the cosmos and events on earth. Astrology is an art and a science and requires a combination of skills in both to achieve the best results.

You Can Pre Book Your one To One Appts Highlights For Your Year Ahead 2022, A Must. The Talks are Most Insightful.

Workshops Both Days 5th/6th February At Stockport MBS
1:00pm until 1:45pm 

Room 3 – The Small Lodge 

Saturday – ‘Karmic Astrology & Your Soul Quest’

Your Astrological Birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens the moment you were born. Discover what the “Nodes of the Moon” are and how their placement in your birth chart reveals your past life themes and your current soul mission.

Sunday – ‘New Moon Astrology’

Discover how to work with the energy of the Astrological cycles of the Moon to manifest your hopes, dreams & wishes.

Stockport 5th & 6th February 2022