James K. Dawson

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James K Dawson

James K. Dawson
SoundShaman (& UK Reiki)
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Tel. 07821117999
James works with Spirit in many ways, connecting to Nature and the natural world as a Healer who weaves his Reiki Healing with his Shamanic Work. The choice is yours, you may wish to benefit from this wonderful combination or simply choose to have Reiki or Shamanic work.
James is gifted with the ability to work with the sounds of nature and he is able to work with you individually or in groups, when he offers his Shamanic Healing Journey with the aid of drum, rain-stick and more. On this journey you may find yourself listening to the whispers of the unknown and journeying to somewhere new.
Listening to the voice of your spirit or being surrounded by the beautiful energy of colour, perhaps enjoying an encounter with your power animal or animals.
The vibration of the Shamanic sounds goes deep into the cells and energy body, adjusting and correcting your energy vibration.
If you decide you wish to experience a Reiki Healing session you will find that apart from any other benefits you may experience, it will be deeply relaxing and refreshing, restoring balance and harmony to your system as a whole, and leaving you with an increased sense of wellbeing.
You may wish to experience healing from James for a specific condition or state of being, or simply to experience a deeper connection with your own spiritual aspect. Whatever you choose, your session (one to one or in a group) can be deeply therapeutic and healing for your whole being.

Downstairs In The Main Hall Area – 5:00pm  Saturday Angelic Shamanic Healing

Upstairs Workshop Room  ( access by lift or by stairs)

4:00pm Sound Healing Workshop – What A Beautiful Uplifting Way To End Saturday . Completely Relaxed and Revived.