Janey Hitchcock

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Janey Hitchcock

Is  a natural psychic, medium, tarot reader, and teacher,  based in Southport in North West England. An ordained minister in my early twenties, I left the church some fifteen years later because I felt that spirituality was broader than religion.

I am a natural communicator, and try to combine my absolutely down to earth, humorous, no nonsense approach with a genuine connection to Spirit and a desire that people are helped. This makes me the ideal person to assist with life’s tougher choices, or to simply give you a glimpse of what your future may hold. As such I’ve been blessed to help many people from all different walks of life, with many problems.

I have been playing theatres throughout the Uk and will continue to do this throughout 2016 with my show “An Evening with the Extra Large Medium”, These shows are popular and fun. Laughter and tears are guaranteed. For further details my website is janeypsychic.For information www.janeypsychic.com

Stockport – 2nd /3rd September 2017