Jason & Nicola Smalley

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Nicola & Jason Smalley (1)About the Way of the Buzzard

We, Jason and Nicola, have created The Way of the Buzzard to help build a shamanic community here in the northwest.

Why have we chosen the Buzzard? Almost wiped out by heavy persecution the buzzard has made a huge comeback to our islands. Similarly those who followed the path of Earth spirituality were almost purged from our lands, but we are back! Shamanism is the fastest growing form of Earth based spirituality.

Like the buzzard we live lightly on the land, we have foresight, we value freedom and we strive to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Like buzzard, we too are becoming common once more.

The Way of the Buzzard is about…


  • awakening to the three pillars of shamanism: self care, earth care and community care
  • being earth aware, and remembering how to live in balance with the earth
  • aligning ourselves with the cycles of nature and using this powerful force for healing
  • drawing on the wisdom of the Otherworlds for guidance and support which are needed at this time
  • treading the path of our ancestors, reconnecting with the spirit of our land
  • health and well being, being the best that we can be
  • opposing the control and repression that are endemic in our world today
  • losing the fear of living with uncertainty and recognising the treasures it brings
  • building and using a set of shamanic tools to help us navigate through life


If any of this rings true to you come and speak with us and join in with our workshop to find out more.

You can also find information about our work on www.thewayofthebuzzard.co.uk, we have a facebook page, and we also have a newsletter which comes out every sabbat keeping you updated of events, book reviews and other useful resources, which you can sign up to on our website.www.soulsustainability.co.uk & www.becarbonliterate.co.uk

Shamanic Workshop: Saturday 12pm  

Shamanism as a path to inner and outer transformation this includes drumming .

1 hour

Nature heals. We know this as we all enjoy being outside, be it in our gardens, in a woodland, in the park or out in the hills. When we are in nature we can put things into perspective easier, get new ideas and feel better about things.

Shamanism works with this, but with a much deeper intention. It pre-dates all religions and is an age old spirituality that our ancestors used to navigate through life for tens of thousands of years, and which indigenous tribes still use today. During these troubled times in our world, it’s easy to feel disenchanted with humanity, and reach many blocks in our lives. But with crisis comes an amazing opportunity to heal, and in these times we can reach back through this age old tradition to work to heal both ourselves, our communities and our Earth.

We, Nicola and Jason Smalley, have created The Way of the Buzzard here in the northwest as a way to bring people together to explore the path of shamanism. We run regular gatherings around Cheshire, Lancashire, and Manchester, as well as retreats in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Peak District, connecting in with the Spirit of the Land.

Come and join us in this workshop when we will share more about the shamanism of our Land, and how working in this way can bring about balance and deep healing in our lives. Be part of a supportive and growing community of like minded folk, who are not accepting the status quo of our ‘traditional society’ and instead are looking to create something different and claim back their power.In this session we will share more of the history of shamanism and how it can guide you in your life. Together we will go on a shamanic journey to meet an animal spirit guide who can work with you to bring guidance and support with something you are working with right now. No previous experience of shamanism is necessary.