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John Sargent – Intuitive Energy Healing

John has a Diploma in Advanced Creative Hypnotherapy and is also a Master Reiki Teacher. Having been on his own inward spiritual journey for more than 20 years, John asked the Universe how he could best be of service to the Planet and was guided to develop

Purple Energy Healing – This Healing Is A Sheer Magical Experience So Come Along & Experience The Power Of This Which is Awesome. 

John knows to heal fully and live life to the maximum one must fully accept every aspect of themselves. Only then can you become a beacon of light and a shining example to your fellow brothers and sisters thus enabling him to align with his clients to the most authentic version of themselves, allowing access to a much deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

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John was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. My friend and I are reiki qualified and regularly practice distant healing on ourselves and others. She recommended a man called John Sargent to do a distant healing on me, she told me how brilliant she thought he was so I thought I would give him a whirl.! I contacted John and he was really friendly and completely put me at ease. We arranged an appropriate time for us both for the healing to take place and off we went ! When I say ” off we went ” I mean, ” off we went “!! The whole experience was completely mind blowing ! As soon as John began healing me, I could feel it so strong,my whole body felt like I was floating !  I was blown into another dimension ! without a doubt ! I don’t know where I went but it was euphoric ! I just can’t possibly put into words or even attempt to describe to you how amazing this experience was !
Since the healing my frequency has shifted. I am vibrating differently. I feel amazing in a way I find so hard to describe.
John is a very powerful, gifted healer and I will never, ever forget how mind blowingly spectacular his healing was !!
Keep up the fantastic work John!
Nicola Brogen Reiki Practitioner

I had Pyramid Energy Healing from John and have experienced profound changes. Initially my intention, as to what I wanted / needed to heal overwhelmed me, as there seemed so much work to do. My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the last couple of years and after numerous tests and operations our next step would be IVF. As this route is so abrasive I have been putting it off, seeking a more holistic route. I also feel that with the general pressure and stress of life, I have been experiencing low mood and fatigue.

After reading the website and talking with John it gave me the depth and understanding as to what and how the healing was going to work for me. I lay in preparation, hoping that my conscious mind was not going to overshadow my experience. I soon began to relax. Within seconds I felt an unexplainable connection being forged and with that I became acutely aware of delicate changes and feelings both outside and inside my body. I was very present. It was amazing. I’ve not felt anything like this before.

I noticed tingling around my head, pressure around my temples, my heart chakra and solar plexus seemed to awaken. As my awareness took me around my body I found myself drifting on a journey that time could not account for. My senses seem to explode with mountains and sunsets and I felt my body engulfed with love, peace and surges of energy. That night I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for a very long time, so deep and peaceful and its continued.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I really noticed a difference, my mood had lifted greatly, I felt lighter, I noticed that I was smiling. I could feel the air in my lungs, I saw the brightness in the sky and I just felt I had a greater sense of well-being. The one fundamental change that I couldn’t ignore was that my ovaries were tender, for no biological reason. Something intricately profound had taken place in this area.

I will probably not even come close to understanding what happened during the healing, as it feels like it is on a level beyond my immediate comprehension. What I do know is that the healing with John has created a positive shift in me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I feel so different. I feel whole and alive.

Thank You John.

Ellie Grant

A very dear friend kindly  recommended John to me .

Over the past 16 years I have been fighting a part of my life which I’ve found extremely painful to let go off.

Its crazy how we hold on to things that tortured us. I’ve read many self help books and touched into being hypnotised, all to help me let go and live with a more peaceful mind. I seem to have become excellent at doing my homework, and things always seem to improve for a short while, then I feel I’m right back in that dark hole, with this secret that as become my sad friend.

Maybe I’ve become so use to holding onto this I cant imagine my life without it. But one thing for sure its affecting me moving forward. So I thought “come on Michelle” make that call, within seconds of chatting to John I felt totally at ease and comfortable to

share my secret with him.. I don’t openly share this dark side of my life freely.. Trust certainly must be felt, which came across almost instantly with John ..

So the time had been arranged and I nervously prepared myself for this new experience. Almost instantly I felt a strong connection to the healing that was taking place, to be honest I could feel myself resisting and trying to pull back, even though the fear of the unknown overwhelmed me, and I found I was fighting with myself to relax and have faith, this journey was surrounded by pure love and there was no way I was breaking, …I concentrated on my breathing allowed my body to float  towards this connecting /energy that amazed me and was so welcoming ..

Only way I can express the true feeling I felt…. When watching documentaries on people passing over to the other side, and explaining how beautiful it is, family and loved ones calling them back, reluctantly people returned but strongly wanted to continue ..

Well John certainly gave me a taste of that experience, this healing took me to a place I could only describe as heaven  … This healing was something else .. Each morning when I knew I was having some more Healing I felt this warm feeling which cocooned  me and I couldn’t wait to shut myself away and float into this mind blowing place, which felt like my world of freedom…

Johns natural gifted expertise in healing is unquestionable. I know we are all on our own journey, and life wouldn’t be life without taking a few knocks and  picking up a few scars, but life is a gift and extremely precious..

Without hesitation I cant thank John enough for helping me let go, with his powerful healing, as some what left me amazed at how I’ve tortured myself  for years .. Of course I still know that chapter, it was part of my life, but thanks to John I don’t feel the need to keep reading it …

The past is over and I choose not to live there anymore ..

Thanks to John Sargeant

Kind Regards

Michelle Walch