Julie Barnes

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Welcome Julie Barnes – http://www.juliebarnes.me.uk/

I am a painter with a passion for telling a story. My work tells stories about people and nature often with a dreamlike quality, a combination of the imagined and observed, the seen and the unseen realms. Themes include fragility, innocence, vulnerability, the transience of time. I believe paintings really can speak a thousand words, they can be haunted by the past, make a connection with the viewer, conjure up and alter a sense of time and reality. I love the power of colours, such a fundamental part of our daily lives, filling the senses with their own life force. At its simplest, I hope to add a sense of beauty and stillness to an often chaotic world.

I have shown my figurative paintings throughout the UK. In 2018 my work was selected for both the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize and the Sunday Times Watercolour prize Exhibitions.