Kiran Essene

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Kiran Essene – Workshop Both Days At Nantwich MBS 7th 8th March – 12:30pm

Spiritual Awakening
The consciousness evolution of humanity, why this is taking place?
& How will this transform your life?

Kiran Essene, a gifted and highly sought after Noetic/ Esoteric / Spiritual guide and life coach. Kiran went through deep spiritual awakening at the age of three, and later in life learned that she had been sent to assist the human race through the great age of transition that we currently find ourselves in. Kiran supports those who are looking for deeper meaning to life, those who are undergoing spiritual awakening. Through one-on-one guidance sessions, group sharing circles and public speaking events. Her work is pioneering, powerful, inspirational and highly transformative.

Kiran shows you how to transform your mindset and align yourself to the energy of the creator, cultivate authenticity and self empowerment, allowing you to break through anything that is holding you back in life. She incorporates, breathwork, meditation, pranic healing, timeline healing, sound therapy, art therapy and creative therapy into her sessions. This is what her clients say about Kiran Essene

” From the first time I met Kiran I knew my life was going to change dramatically, for the better. Her warm reassuring energy, incredibly insightful spiritual guidance and perception, along with honest impactful advice really has had a profound impact on my ‘outer’ and my ‘inner’ world view. On my path of self discovery, I have met many healers and spiritual guides, but I can honestly say… I have never met anyone like Kiran”

Nantwich – 7th & 8th March 2020