Leslé Ayre

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Leslé Ayre – Source energy healing 
A profound yet gentle new form of Healing that will help you move forward on your Soul Path and heal your body, mind and spirit. This can be done through hands on or distant.
This is an ancient form of healing that was put to rest in the 12th century and brought back in the last few years( by the founder Jillian Stott who has her story on her website )
Last year six of the Masters that help us with Source energy stepped forward to assist in a deck of source energy wisdom cards which have blended in and added wisdom and insight to the Healings. The cards were designed by Kerry Beall and the the booklet was channeled through myself and Jillian Stott.
I have trained and mastered many healing modalities  and  also have loved helping and training people to use Angel, oracle and tarot cards.
All of these wonderful experiences have placed a strong foundation for the Source Energy healing and now the wisdom within that.
I believe that we all resonate from Soul level when we find the correct teaching or healing modality that is perfect for our soul journey and our need to serve others. 30 min Tasters of Source energy healing and wisdom will be available over the 2 days.
Training programs for 2019 can be discussed.