Linda Joyce

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My name is Linda Joyce and I come from Plymouth, Devon.  Living so close to the ocean and with my family having been in the fishing industry for many generations it is no wonder I acquired an interest in working with the elements of the ocean and its sea life.

My treatment is aptly named ‘Mer Healing’ as it gives out the energy of the Mermaid and Dolphin as well as the ocean and various other sea creatures.

I incorporate tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, steel tongued drums, tubular bells as well as seashells into my therapies.  I have recently introduced Gong Therapy into my treatments as well.  The Gong used for such treatment is the Atlantis Gong which offers a gentle vibration of awakening.

My treatments are given with the client fully clothed and I place seashells on, and if possible around the body, before commencing with the treatment.  Seashells, just like crystals and all things whether living or inanimate, carry an energy, I use that energy to enhance the healing process and remind the body what it is like to enter an area of complete wellbeing.  With the stresses and strains that life unfortunately throws at us, the body sometimes needs reminding that it has the capability of healing itself.

Whilst you close your eyes and drift off into the element of the ocean, your body will receive an awakening into the realm of wellbeing with the vibrational sounds and energy from the instruments and shells as they kiss your body into that wonderful state of wellbeing.The treatment works on many levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and the subtle spiritual bodies.

Nantwich – 27 & 28th October 2018