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Maria Chappell  – Who is a EFT – EMO – Modern Stress Management Coach & Flower Essence Practitioner 

Learning EFT has never been easier. 

The pathway of learning starts with the newest of courses ENERGY EFT Foundation course.  Learning to use EFT on yourself is vital prior to learning to use this technique on others and this course enables you to do just that.

The next level is training to use these techniques with others in treatments as an EFT Master Practitioner.

Further training to continue your professional expertise includes Positive EFT, Emotrance and Emotrance Master Practitioner training and Modern Stress Management

EMO – Master Practitioner Training (Energy in Motion)

An amazing leap forward in Modern Energy – this is fast, easy and FUN!  EMO Energy in Motion is recognised by The GoE as being one of the most advanced, yet deceptively simply energy techniques available today.  They recommend EFT Master Practitioners to have a minimum of three years professional experience.

In April 2014, Silvia Hartmann revealed this latest EMO Master Practitioner qualification which takes all that has been learnt and researched since the original Emotrance technique was developed in 2002 and integrates into a wonderful 3 day course.

Emotrance is about our flow of energy in our energy body.

 Energy is normal and is all around us…….   You can feel that energy!!!

The flow of energy is how things work in nature and how things were designed to work in our energy body too. This is how it was designed by the creative order, which is a very perfect way in which everything flows and works together.

This training gives you the most up to date, cutting edge techniques in EMOtional Transformation.
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EMO is about our flow of energy in our energy body