Melinda Cooper

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Melinda Cooper

has been working with spirit from a very early age. As a child she could tell people about family and friends in spirit and the Earth plane using photo(s). She had been on spiritual journey to Guatamala, spending time in the rain forests with the Mayan people and attended their fire ceremonies.

She has a bright sunny disposition and helps people that are feeling low to see the good within themselves.

Melinda, one of the leading psychic clairvoyants in England, reads Tarot, Palm Reading and Crystal Ball. She has inherited her gifts from a long line of seers. Her mother and grandmother are both clairvoyants of internationally acclaimed and have been amazed at Melinda’s psychic abilities from a very young age.
Melinda has many celebrities that come to her regularly for readings and has been featured on national press and in many magazines.

Her guidance and positivity in reading the Tarot, Palms and her Mediumship ensures an uplifting and comforting reading.

Melinda is also the daughter of Katarina Jarvis, one of England’s leading psychic clairvoyants and medium.