Patricia Iris Kerins

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Patricia Iris KerinsPatricia Iris Kerins Spiritual Teacher , Soul & Voice Empowerment Coach Author Performer & Radio Presenter

Patricia is a soul voice empowerment coach.

She is dedicated to helping humanity, women in particular, find their voices and express themselves, and their opinions, with total confidence. She is an expert at helping people to root out, (and heal) the blocks and barriers to fulfilling their true and authentic potential through the power of their own voice. She helps them to reconstruct their voice with past life and ancestral line healing as she is able to tune in to and merge with the client’s energy field. She is a pure channel for Source and the Goddess and her voice is used as an instrument of the Divine for attunement activations to help raise clients vibrations.

Over the years she has worked internationally with Oscar winning actors , musicians and people from all walks of life who are committed to leading with the heart, walking their heart talk and talking their heart talk confidently. She offers one to one coaching over skype worldwide, webinars, teleseminars and workshops as well as free talks at MBS shows throughout UK and US.

Patricia is the author of  self help books, Viva Voce and LOVE. She is also the author of The Magic of the Magdalene Key, a spiritual fiction and she has recorded any CDs of meditations and visualisations. Radio Presenter on the Voice of the Goddess Show and up coming TV presenter on the Gift of Healing TV digital platform.

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Sunday Workshop – 3:30pm

Discovering the voice of the devine feminine goddess empowerment.