Peter Halley

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Peter HalleyPeter Halley Singing Bowl Soundbaths

Using the Singing Bowls to bring about a harmonious flow of energy to the body, releasing tensions, clearing restrictions in your energy body leaving you physically relaxed, energised and aware.
There are many benefits from such a session, for example, relief from conditions such as
ME or MS Jet lag Muscle Tension Anxiety (all forms), Mental Health Conditions, Stress ( Physical, Emotional, Psychological) Recovery from hospital treatments ( Some cancers and associated treatments) Raising the awareness of Self Psychic Development, Enhancing contact with Spirit Realms Developing Transcendental Meditative States, Journeying/Visualisations
Client feedback suggests that other issues have been affected in a positive/healing manner after their session, raising awareness and opening possibilities of life changes.
£25 per person {Group environment 45-60 mins}
The signature of your energy centres (Chakras) releases information on aspects of the condition of your body’s energetics, whether it is Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual or some other awareness. The energy signatures are read and interpreted into a meaningful message for you.
£35 per sitting {20 – 30 mins}
This is an intense singing bowl session, concentrating on the signatures (patterns) released from all Chakras, Major, and minor, physical & energy bodies. Channellings & Healings from other Energies/Spirit/off world Entities are also utilised.
A short consultation both precedes and ends this session, with some recommendations, if and where appropriate.
£55 per session {1Hr}