Rachael Astarte

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Rachael Astarte – Spiritual Medium Tarot

We give Rachael a big welcome who is new to our shows and I know is looking

forward very much to giving readings at our events.

email – rachael.dreamer11@gmail.com

07716272096  Facebook Link RachaelAstarte

My name is Rachael Astarte and I am a spiritual medium and tarot card reader. I have the ability to connect to the spirit world, passing on messages from your loved ones: in a caring, empathic and compassionate manner. I work alongside the Thoth tarot deck to help guide me in reaching the inner you. A  direct connection to the Divine Spirit, guiding you on the right path. I am claircognizance, the gift of premonitions, of what is foretold in your future. This allows my sitter to gain insight, by following my guidance, allowing them to act accordingly. Enabling dreams of success and happiness to come true. At events, the readings I offer are: a 3-card ‘General Spread’, a 4-card spread ‘Matters Of The Heart’, as well as 3-card spread ‘Success Oracle’. For a more in-depth reading and a look at the types of spiritual aftercare I provide, please contact me. Blessed Be Rachael Astarte

Stockport – 4th & 5th September 2021