Rich Spray

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‘Workshop Details

DESIGNATED Extra Talks – Workshop Area
The Main Hall
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30th Oct 2021

Soulfeggio’ Sensory Solidarity Sound Sensations! Rich Spray will be opening hearts, strengthening resolve & embedding community connections through his set of empowering renditions of old classics with a new twist. Rich was featured on BBC Radio ‘Healing Sounds of Music’ show, as he is an Acoustic Guitar Player & Singer, with a passion for old poems and inspiring stories he sets to his own Solfeggio compositions, which are frequency tuned to connect on a cellular and energetic level with you, activating deeply within the human experience.

Rich has a rare perspective of energy work as his near death experience now has him anchored in higher dimensions, giving him unique abilities to help others raise their vibration through his use of music.

Nantwich Civic Hall 30th & 31st October 2021