Rosemary Stephenson

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Rosemary Stephenson Rosemary Stephenson

Reach for the Stars… Sacred Sound‎ Healing workshop …..with Rosemary Stephenson

We will be reaching out and connecting to the energies of our solar system, the planets and star systems to help us move further forward on our Ascension pathway with many of the Ascended Masters and Angels through meditation with crystal singing bowls,crystal harp, amethyst, ruby, rose quartz, azeztulite, emerald, morganite, quartz crystal, voice, and other instruments for a deep healing meditation. Also connecting our own unique and powerful voices together for Earth Healing and for ourselves at the same time…and much more! Come, enjoy and free your own beautiful voice!

Rosemary lives near Congleton, Cheshire.  Founder of Celestial Sacred Sound and CROSS, Crescendo Reiki Of Sacred Sound courses and holds regular workshops in this area and  presenting in Europe and at Angel Congress.  Rosemary’s passion for Music stemmed from early childhood, being part of a family of professional musicians and singers. She works with the Divine and Celestial Realms through her voice and crystal bowls.  Rosemary is founder/organiser of Celestial Light Healers Events, Angel Awareness Day etc, working regularly with Diana Cooper.

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