Sarah Atkinson & Jane Alexander

Posted on September 26, 2014 in Nantwich, Therapies | Comments Off on Sarah Atkinson & Jane Alexander

Meldings AdWhat is a Melding?

Meldings are the creation of Sarah Atkinson (Medical Herbalist) and Jane Alexander (Energetics Practitioner) and are a combination of herbal tinctures – prepared using the plants which grow in Sarah’s garden and wild in the area, Willow water and organic alcohol – with the channeled vibrational energy of the plants.

The world ‘melding’ is a Middle English word which means ‘blending’ which seemed to capture the essence of the Meldings themselves.

What do they do?

Simply put Meldings interact with our whole being. They work a little like herbal tinctures and a little like the food we eat because the plants themselves have been chosen for the specific effect they have on the physical body. They also work a little like flower or Reiki essences, because they are energetic in nature so they exert influence on our subtle energy system too.

Taken mindfully, you will notice the immediate change of state that they bring, rather like what you might experience after meditation. As a result, they can be useful taken when you are feeling overwhelmed by a particular emotion or situation.

Taken over a longer period of time, they may support you to make long term changes.

Emotions are an interesting aspect of human consciousness as they are part physical and part fluid – if you think about how it feels when we fall in love – that strange mixture of an energy rush with the stomach churning and heart fluttering. Meldings are just like this – they are part plant and part energy which is why they have the potential to effect emotions in particular.