Sarah Jennings

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Sarah JenningsSarah Jennings

Meet Sarah and hear more about aura transformation.

During an AuraTransformation™ the existing aura is dissolved, along with trauma, blockages, undesirable thinking and ancestral patterns of behaviour. It’s an opportunity to integrate the aura structure and energy that the Indigo and Crystal children have been born with. It sets off a gradual process of embodying your spirit energy into every cell.It is the ultimate advance in becoming strong and whole, and allows you to have a fresh energetic start in life. You become clearer by the day, and become much more productive, yet relaxed and grounded. You become fully cocooned in your own love.

Here is my website:

Here is my first blog; I posted it yesterday and very excited about writing many more.

Here are amazing testimonials. People have really taken the time to explain how it feels to walk around in an new aura.