Trish Howarth

Posted on September 26, 2014 in Gifts, Nantwich, Oracle Cards | Comments Off on Trish Howarth

Trish Howarth of Spirited Voices will be selling a range of her cards, including Soul Voices, at  Mind Body Spirit Events.

The Soul Voices were made with a specific purpose in mind and that was to open up communication with those who have passed into spirit.

Basically … messages from beyond the grave.

These cards will let you know if your loved one is okay and to provide the chance to relay any thoughts and messages that they may have and need to get through.

The Soul Voices were made so that the barriers between us and spirit could be broken down.

We may not be able to touch that person any longer or look upon them but that doesn’t mean we can’t communicate with them.

And that is what Soul Voices do – create that communication.

For more information about the Soul Voices cards, please visit Trish’s website.