Sue Hudd

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Sue HuddSue is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader and Signature Reader who is recognized as being one of the most accurate psychics in the country today.

She has a wonderful natural ability to predict your future and to help you to be positive about your life. She has worked on live TV as a presenter and a Psychic since 2005 and does readings for people all over the world including top celebrities.

Sue is a natural psychic, having been able to see people who have ‘Died’ since she was a small child.

She was given her first pack of tarot cards at the age of nineteen and then realized her true potential as someone who could use her abilities to help others.

Over the years, she studied tarot extensively and eventually developed her own unique spread in which she gives a Month by Month prediction for the year ahead and beyond, giving her clients dates and times and predictions that are uncannily accurate.

More recently, Sue has developed the art of “Signature Reading” where she has amazed people with her ability to tell everything about a person’s life, and give readings and predictions just from a signature.

Sue Hudd Has Appeared On All Of These Live SKY TV Channels:

Your Destiny TV
Psychic Interactive
Psychic and Soul (Milton Keyens)
Psychic and Soul (London)

Workshop – Learn more about signature reading at Stockport Sunday 11:00am

For further details or information about Sue please visit her official website –