Sylvia Vowless QSM

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Sylvia VowlessSylvia Shanti Vowless QSM

Named ‘New Zealand’s Venerable Spiritual Icon’, Sylvia is a recognized international authority and writer on Spiritual Transformation based upon 45+ years study and ‘test-driving’ Ancient Wisdom teachings, plus three decades of teaching and speaking worldwide.

Since the 1990’s she has been invited as Guest Presenter to numerous international conferences in such countries as Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Austria, UK, Scandinavia and America. In 1996 she established the Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International which serves through ‘OM’ International, an Order of Melchizedek Mystery School for the 21st Century.

Chosen in 2005 as Spiritual Ambassador for the Southern Hemisphere, Sylvia is known nowadays as a ‘Miracle Magnet!’ She is living proof that anyone can enjoy a miracle-filled, ‘heaven on earth’ way of life through living from one’s Higher Self perspective and potential.  Her passion and unique gift is giving practical ‘how to’ techniques so you can create just that, including miracle-consciousness.

Sylvia’s inspiring talks are based on her just-released guidebook ‘The MIRACLE HABIT – 4 Steps for Living Heaven on Earth Every Day’  which gives power-packed detailed information and ways to uplift your consciousness to the next level – or as high as you’re ready to go!


Come and meet acclaimed international speaker and author from New Zealand, Sylvia Vowless QSM, and hear about her latest exciting focus of miracles!

There’s a lot of interest in the current Shift in Consciousness that everyone’s talking about, so what does it look like to you and me?  In real terms, it means raising our consciousness to tap into our unlimited potential as beings of Divine origin, stop striving – and live from a miracle-consciousness perspective.

According to visionaries and mystics through the ages we can all learn to do this – the key is knowing precisely how!   Sylvia is a ‘miracle magnet,’ a living testament to enjoying this kind of life less ordinary.  Her passion is sharing her treasure-trove of life-changing information condensed from ageless wisdom and modern sciences so you can become one too.

Now is the time when you can create the ‘diamond-standard’ life you’re designed to live, manifesting everything you dream of – a love-light filled, abundant, fulfilling life of wellbeing, joy, success and peace – effortlessly.  In her talk, Sylvia will give you some basic ABCs to get you started!  Exactly how to do this step-by-step is detailed in her exciting new power-packed guidebook just published – The MIRACLE HABIT – 4 Steps for Living Heaven on Earth Every Day.  For more information on :


CREWE – Workshop Both Days – Open to Miracles 12:30pm Both Days :