Master Tibor Ujlaky

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Tibor Gy. UjlakySpiritual learning it’s based on direct experience and not on conviction.

Tibor Gy. Ujlaky conveys the Tibetan Healing Technique for almost 20 years and has become the Teacher and the Spiritual Guide of thousands of disciples who have regained their physical, emotional and mental health by practicing the method and following his teachings.

By the time he become 21 years old, while experiencing some powerful and profound spiritual feelings he felt that his life has changed. Following this transformation, he decided to help other people too. He has chosen to guide them through initiation path in this sacred method.

Based on his teachings we have learned the importance of self-accomplishment through self-healing. He has always heartened us, his disciples, to work intensively in order to prevent unpleasant situations, but also with the purpose of healing our past sufferings which have created over time diseases and destructive mental and emotional programs.

In the presence of the Master, many of his disciples have accessed a profound state of meditation, experiencing the pure nature of consciousness. In this perfect state, we became aware of essential life aspects, followed by important shifts in our lives.

His most precious support was that he taught us how to help ourselves, regardless of where we are and without using any outer source. Furthermore, he taught us how to help others in need.

Altogether, people come to learn Tibetan Healing Technique out of curiosity, they experience it and they choose to remain by his side.

 The Tibetan Healing technique

The Tibetan Healing technique is a holistic method, a spiritual school, which helps us in our personality development and also with our health, moreover, to help others as well.
It is not a religion, has no dogma and does not require any faith. This simple healing method can be learned by anybody, regardless of belief, and its effectiveness can be experienced during the course.

This method is one of the ancient methods which help us to restore the mental and physical harmony. This gradually developed teaching system gives the ability to anyone to heal him/herself or somebody else with energy. Moreover, everybody has the instinct and the ability of healing. This inborn ability is used when, for example, we put our hands to the painful part of the body, or when the mother tries to relief her child pain by calming touch. The method multiples the efficiency of these instinct gestures, and they are transformed to a healing power, so we can alleviate pain whenever we need. Using this ancient method from Tibetan monastery, we don’t get tired or lose our energy reserves, as these energies are flowing through us.

We speak about “healing” when the quantity of energy is sufficient to recreate both the physical and the psychical balance on all levels. Once the balance is recreated on all levels with theTibetan healing method, a benefic change in the quality of life can be noticed. One feels that he is growing more and healthier and becomes happier and happier.
The Tibetan traditional techniques are given to practitioners trough initiations for thousands years. We don’t learn this method in a usual way, with mental assimilations, but – with initiation – the teacher transmits this ability to us. So far, Europeans received twenty-one levels from this Tibetan Healing Technique.

The First level includes techniques which convert the accumulated negative energies in the body and release the energy blocks. By clearing the waste products from the body, the healing process will start.

With healing and meditation techniques, at the Second level, we can cure the causes of the illness. At the course we can learn and find out, the way how to remove certain physical and psychological problems, the needs of different energies in order to have effects on different mental and emotional levels. Therefore, on the second level we achieve our mentally and emotional balance. This ancient method allows us to direct energy to distance for healing or for other kind of help. In addition, we can use the taught Tibetan meditation for our personal development which leads to spiritual evaluation. By carrying out the Third level, our chakras are going to clear and open, and also our intuition will develop. These techniques give the possibility to convert a closed space negative energy to positive one, and by creating an energy shield we can reduce the effect of harmful earth radiation. Also, we can increase the effectiveness of our psychological defense, and we can learn a spiritual practice which helps us to a faster spiritual development. From the all healing levels, the Fourth is the most specialized on spiritual healing: this includes energy-surgery, bones and muscular regeneration.
The Fifth level and above include highly efficient traditional Tibetan techniques.


•   Reduce the stress of nerves
•   Correct the negative mental-emotional state
•   Heal addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
•   Detoxify and trigger the body s healing system
•   Help the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, e.g.After surgery, prolonged illness
•   Remove of cysts, kidney- and gallstones, without surgery
•   Help in cancer treatment
•   Remove completely or alleviate the pain
•   Increase of reserves of vitality, refreshing, stimulating effects.
•   Expand the human values and develop the personality


  • Transform the negative emotional processes to positive, by meditation
  • Protect or do karmic purification, and improve yourself with Tibetan mantras
  • Keep and record the energies in the chakras by Tibetan mudras
  • Dissolve energy blocks in the aura and meridians
  • Identify and resolve karmic causes of psychical and mental problems
  • Know about your previous lives history to solve the current issues
  • Have experience of extrapolation technique of consciousness


Memories, associated with emotional tension are the cause of experiencing in different situations the distress, which could eventually lead to psychosomatic problems. Traumas which are often brought from previous lives are the cause of different illnesses and problematic life situations.

With the Regression Technique – relatively easy – it is induced a natural meditative state of mind, and the related mental tension and negative feelings can be dissolved. With this technique, the present or previous life traumas can be resolved, so that, the related emotional tension will lose the coercive effects of karma which are the cause of daily conflict and disease. The key feature of this technique is – contrary of hypnosis or other psychogenic drugs – the feelings and senses are waking during the technique, and the person remains conscious all the time, so the free will, self-control is not restricted. This technology has also security systems which takes account of the individual’s “mental load”, disclosing as much trauma as the person can handle, and correct at the given situation. In addition – under controlled conditions – allows a communication with the Supreme Self or the Spiritual Guide.

Saturday Workshop – 1:30pm 

Release yourself from the suffering, by recalling reincarnation cycles – heal your body and soul through an Ancient Traditional Tibetan Technique – with Master Tibor Ujlaky

Sunday Workshop – 1:30pm 
Heal yourself through meditation – with Master Tibor Ujlaky