Tisha Premrajh

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Tisha PremrajhTisha Premrajh   Direct dealer  Nutri-Star Limited

We are a health and nutrition company and we sell specialist cooking equipment that lows you to cook without using fats and oils, no water vegetables and at 86 deg celcius.

It’s a very healthy way to cook.

Please come along and meet us at the next MBS event , its a great opportunity to try the delightful food and to make arrangements for your free no obligation healthy nutritious meal

To book your free no obligation healthy nutritious meal please contact Tisha for your dine in party with your friends on 07796853180.

Established for 68 years, Nutri-star is an authorised dealership of revolutionizing healthy eating. With our most advanced nutritional cooking systems, the company is dedicated to helping people learn how our product plays an essential role in nutritional cooking and healthy living. We do this by eliminating and reducing the fats and oils in our diet, with no addition of water and cooking below the boiling point which retains 93% of food nutrition. Food is low in fat, cholesterol heart healthy, and most importantly guilt free. It is our privilege to cook a three course meal for free and let you taste the savouring flavours of healthy food. Contact us at 0161 428 4883! Follow us @_nutristar or like us on Facebook Nutri-Star LTD!