Wiccan Lady

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Louise Bloomer
I have been a Wiccan/ Hedgewitch A witch of many years experience,
I consider myself to follow both old style Wicca and Hedge witchery and have a passion for herbs.
I also sell Pagan and witch related items and teach courses in different types of witchcraft and
psychic development, short courses and all the way upto”A year and a day” witches school.
Being a qualified therapist for over 18 years and a teacher in adult education,
I love that my work is also my hobby and passion.
I really look forward to seeing you at the shows.
Louise is also a qualified Holistic Therapist and Tarot reader.

The Wiccan Lady
Leeds, W. Yorks, LS6 4PU

Tel. 07903 944022
E.  Louise@thewiccanlady.co.uk


Nantwich Civic Hall 30th & 31st October 2021