Aura Soma

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The Aura –Soma colour-care-system is continually being re-framed. It is about consciousness growth, brining balance, ease and awareness to all levels of the body, mind and spirit, a means of moving towards positive wellbeing and personal growth.

The Aura-Soma colour-care –system is a non- intrusive, self-selective soul system-placing the responsibility for well-being with the one who chooses.

You are the colours you choose and these reflect your beings needs.

It brings together the energies of three kingdoms.

  • Mineral kingdom through the wavelengths of the gems and crystals
  • Plant kingdom through the science of signatures, herbal extracts and essential oils.
  • Colour kingdom using the properties of colour and light to relate to the colours within the Hue man.

When applied to the body and the subtle fields, it helps to restore, revitalise and rebalance all levels of being.

Aura Soma Color bottlesThe aura- soma colour- care – system focuses on who we are rather than what we have got, allowing the superconscious to address the underlying causes of dis-ease.

Each Equilibrium bottles can be seen as a key to consciousness. It can help us to connect to the very understanding our own essential nature.

Within the Aura-Soma colour-care-system, even the name carries a message:

  • AURA means light
  • SOMA means the body (Greek) or the being (Aramaic), or living energies (Sanskrit)

The Aura-Soma colour-care-system connects the light to the body; it speaks of the being of light within and the living energies of light that surround us.

Each Equilibrium bottle contains two fractions.

The TOP fraction contains essential oils, natural colouring and crystal energies. The BOTTOM fraction contains water, herbal extracts, natural colouring and crystal energies. Equilibrium combines the traditions of colour healing practised in the temples of Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India with herbal extracts and essential oils in combination with crystal and mineral energies.

Sue and Emma are both level 3 colour care practitioners and also licenced to do public talks on system through the Aura- soma academy. Sue and Emma are also natural mediums and psychics which helps to give a more depth insight into you bottle choice.

Please come along and see us on the day to find out more about this amazing system.

Meet Susan Bailey Aura Soma Consultants

Alderley Edge – Festival Hall 25th / 26th November 2017