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Shungite  it’s sciency!!! but great research proving how shungite works….https://rspublication.com/ijst/dec13/2.pdf

Shungite has many medical & scientifically proven amazing effect that are beneficial to health and wellbeing, see the link above.

Having Safer technology is at your hands, silver infused shungite incorporated into easy stickers, that will keep on working by emitting the ‘fullerene’ molecule which reverses the wifi and smart phones harmful radiation. The combination of Shungite and 99.9% liquified silver takes square wave frequencies of our modern wireless technologies &converts them to natural sine waves for our health and wellbeing.

Simple Solutions http://www.oraphim.name

The Harry Horn Room 2  – WORKSHOP Both Days  – Time 1:00pm – 1:50pm:

Join Oraphim’s Talk With Cassie SHUNGITE emits: The Nobel Prize winning ‘fullerene’ molecule, come and hear why we call it ‘The Miracle Molecule’ and learn how & why using shungite water for drinking, cooking, bathing is so beneficial and cost effective (it clears chlorine, toxins, bacteria, it restructures, removes free radicals, remineralisers, lowers the surface tension for better hydration and cellular cleansings & adds healing fullerenes) With science backing up our experiences with shungite, we help you understand how to use Shungite for reversing the electromagnetic fields in the home environment & on mobile devices, and it’s super easy with Oraphims Shungite Stickers and Beautiful jewellery & Pyramids too! With shungite being the gateway for healing energy, we have a rapid repair Balm and Soap plus visit our stall to have your own personal shungite quantum energy experience. We’ll show you how

Stockport Masonic Guildhall – 3rd/4th February 2024