Book Your Advanced Tickets

Purchase Tickets In Advance
for the next
Mind Body Spirit Event


We have increased the options available for you to purchase event tickets,
via PAYPAL and now also via SQUARE,
so if you are not set up with PayPal you can still purchase tickets online.

Follow these simple instructions on how to purchase your tickets…

Select your prefered purchase option
Choose either Saturday, Sunday or Weekend ticket
Adjust quanity if more the 1 ticket is required
Click “Add to Cart/Bag”
To then make your ticket purchase click on “Go to Checkout” or “Attend”
Finally complete payment details and make purchase.


Purchase Your Event Tickets via PAYPAL:

Purchase Your Event Tickets via SQUARE:

Saturday ONLY

Weekend ONLY

Sunday ONLY

Please note that all tickets purchased online will be available for collection at the event only, Just give your name when you arrive.

N.B. Ticket purchasing via Square Bank Payments will close at 5pm the day BEFORE the event commences.
We cannot print off tickets that have been purchased after this time as we will no longer able to pre-print them off once we are no longer at base.
Once tickets have been purchased via any listed option, we are unable to issue any reimbursements in the event YOU are unable to attend.