Colour Mirrors

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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

bot46A powerful vibrational healing energy system known as Colour Mirrors. Each coloured bottle acts like a mirror reflecting your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self – bringing together past, present and future. Colour teaches us about our relationship with ourselves and others and reminds us about our capabilities, encourages areas of potential growth and the truth of who you are your authentic self! enabling fears to be overcome and shows us that we have so much more than we could ever imagine.

Colour vibration works at a cellular and body level as well as in the aura, emotional and mental bodies.

We respond to colours that resonate at similar frequencies to ourselves. All the bottles carry a unique healing vibration which interacts and has a direct effect on your energy field. This matching vibration is what draws us to a particular colour and can be quite revealing about our lives. However many of the life choices we make are on a subconscious level.

When colour is used in therapy it can help us identify, analyse and go to the roots of any problems or patterns you are finding difficult to break with and brings it up to our conscious mind for awareness and transformation and helps you to shift old outdated beliefs, patterns, habits which you have been holding and no longer serves you.

Each Colour Mirrors bottle has its own meaning, its own note or vibration. You will be drawn to some and not others, some will jump out to you because they are so beautiful and others because you don’t feel comfortable with them. Each bottle has its own message to bring to you. You choice of bottle/s will reveal information, insights and understanding about yourself and your life.

As you connect with, hold or bathe in the coloured oils and essences you allow their energy signature to interact with your own, bringing about subtle – and sometimes profound – changes.

The Essences can be sprayed around your body, on pulse points or used for space clearing. You can also spray some into a bath, use in meditation or spray into your hands and breathe in the beautiful healing aromas.

Colour Readings

A colour reading gives clarity and facilitates change in many aspects of your life, including money, relationships, health and career. Colour acts as a mirror on your psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical state, so when you choose the colour bottles, they become an accurate picture of where you are, and will reveal issues which are relevant to your life now and what is holding you back. A reading can help you to recognise patterns in your life, and change your perspective.

How Colour Mirrors can benefit you!

  • Identify challenges.
  • Explore issues and where you resist life.
  • Release Awareness of your own unique abilities.
  • Grow in self esteem, self love and self-confidence.
  • Awareness of your true potential! Discover your life purpose.
  • Accelerate inner peace and healing
  • Embrace non-judgement and self-acceptance
  • Release blockages throughout the entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.