Karen-Tessa Edmond

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Karen-Tessa Edmond, Spiritual Medium

I have been able to converse with spirit for as long as I can remember.  My mum used to tell stories of when she would be driving along, and I would be sat in the back of the car chatting away to invisible people (or so she thought).
For many years I kept my gifts a secret through fear of being ostracized, jumping from one job to another but never really fitting in, or being truly happy.
After hitting rock bottom (which is often the time people have that lightbulb moment), I decided I wanted to go back to doing something that made me happy.  That for me was helping myself and my close friends and family.  I enrolled in reiki level 1 and was fascinated at how I could use energy to heal myself, enhance my growth and cure imbalances within myself. I quickly went on to Reiki level 11 and then completed my Reiki Masters.  I then began to realise what really made me happy was when I was in my own world (Karen’s world as I like to call it) talking to my spirit guides or quite frankly any spirits that would talk back to me.  I decided I wanted to embrace my gifts and enrolled on Spiritual Development & Psychic Enlightenment workshop with an amazing teacher and Spiritual Medium Simon Goodfellow.
I now embrace my gifts and feel privileged I can help people heal and give them the closure they need in order to help them move on with their lives as well as connect them with their loved ones and the happy memories they shared.  It may be that I can help give people direction.
Whatever the reason people come for a reading with me I know that I’ve been guided to give people the chance to an insight to the remarkable world of spirit. I look forward to Nantwich Mind Body Spirit Meeting Old & New Clients
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