Lisa Matthews

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Lisa Matthews Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher  Lisa Is Really Passionate About What She Does
Lisa Provides Workshops In Denton & Wakefield

Lisa feels very honoured and grateful to have been a student and teacher of Yoga and Martial Arts for most of her life. After learning martial arts from her dad as a child, Lisa spent many years in SE Asia training and teaching before returning to the UK to teach at the University of Manchester.

She is a RYT500 and studied Qi Gong with Master Tevia Feng of White Tiger Qi Gong based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her classes are a blend of disciplines including sacred chanting and philosophy and her passion as a teacher is to help people realise the peace, radiance and magic within on their journey to personal transformation.

Lisa currently teaches Yin, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga and Qi Gong at The Sanctuary, Wakefield and Kijo Elite Kickboxing in Denton.

WORKSHOPS – ROOM 1 – The Large Harry Horn Lodge – 2nd 3rd September 2023
11:10am – 12:00pm –  Saturday Only Join Tantric Goddess Yoga Workshop. In this class our practice will be inspired by three Tantric Goddesses, the Mahavidyas Kali, Tara and Dhumavati. These powerful goddesses will assist us in clearing negativity and attachments, tapping in to the source of all energy and standing strong in our power and truth. This class sets the groundwork for Sunday’s class on Shiva Shakti
11:10am – 12:00pm – Sunday Only Join Shiva Shakti Yoga Workshop union of the divine masculine and feminine.  In this workshop our yoga practice will work on reconciling our Shiva Shakti energy, masculine and feminine aspects. Our Shiva energy represents the state of being unmoved by pain or suffering brought on by the external world. Lord Shiva is centered, grounded and compassionate. Our feminine energy, represented by the goddess Shakti embodies dance, movement, power, energy and the freedom to become. Shiva is pure being in stillness. Shakti is pure becoming in all her flow and creativity as well as her endless opening to possibility.
WORKSHOPS – ROOM 1 – The Large Harry Horn Lodge – 2nd 3rd September 2023

1:10pm – 2:00pmSaturday Only Qigong Graceful Movement Workshop with Lisa Matthews Qi Gong for worry and anxiety.
This session will incorporate slow martial arts based movements, breathwork and meditation designed to clear the digestive system and alleviate symptoms of anxiety often held in the stomach and spleen, resulting in improved health and well-being.
Qi Gong is suitable for absolute beginners or experienced martial artists and everyone in between. The synchronised breath and slow movements will help you to harmonise your physical and energetic bodies. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for freedom of movement.
1:10pm – 2:00pm – Sunday Only 5 Element Qi Gong  In this session we will explore the 5 Element Qi Gong system: five dynamic, powerful animal forms which work to heal and bring balance to the internal organs and meridians of the body. An ancient martial art and component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong works by squeezing toxins and emotions out of the organs, purifying the Qi, leaving you feeling peaceful and relaxed yet powerful and focused.

Stockport Masonic Guildhall – 2nd/3rd September 2023